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Only players who are registered with the QSCA can play with Whitehill FC. It is the coach's/manager's responsibility to ensure that each player is registered. If a team is found to have played a unregistered player this will be classed as a serious Breach of our Code of Behaviour and the player/coach/manager may be deregistered from Whitehill FC. 
If a player receives a red card or their 3rd yellow card within the season they will automatically receive a 1 week suspension from the QCSA. Whitehill FC will inform the coach/manager and player of this , and any additional action from the QCSA, as well as any other sanctions placed on the player by our club. It is the coach's/manager's responsibility to ensure the player does not play whilst suspended. If any player plays while suspended they will automatically be deregistered by Whitehill FC and will take no further part in the season.

Coaches/Managers/Officals Behaviour

While we always encourage our teams to strive to win, we must not place too much emphasis on the need to win.Winning comes from lots of good practice and individual and team development.

An over-desire to win may lead to inappropriate behaviour, such as coaches keeping less skilled players on the bench game after game or arguing with the referees, linesmen and the officials of the opposing team. Our club considers these forms of behaviour as totally unacceptable.

Improper behaviour by referees and linesmen or officials, supporters and players of opposing teams is not an excuse for members of our club to act in a similar manner.

There will be occasions when on or off field incidents may lead to anger and frustration. We should not attempt to settle such issues on the day unless we can do so amicably. Life is full (unfortunately) of injustices and sometimes we just have to accept them but if you believe the situation is warranted, please report incidents to the club management.

   Coaches of teams in age groups up to and including Under 9 shall be entitled to give coaching instructions from behind the spectator line along the length the field. From under 10 up we believe that the coach should stay in the technical area as this is the age group where players should start to develop their own game play skills.

Our club and the Association are serious about the good behaviour of coaches, players, parents, spectators and team officials.

Club Code of Behaviour for Coaches/Managers/Officals

  • Always play by the rules.
  • Always wear your coach's/manager's ID lanyard on game days.
  • Play for the fun of Football.
  • Respect your opponents, coaches and referees. Without them, there would be no competition.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will yours.
  • CONTROL YOUR TEMPER. Remember deliberately distracting or verbally abusing your/other players or a referee is NOT ACCEPTABLE or permitted.
  • Acknowledge the other team’s good play as you would like them to acknowledge your's.
  • NEVER ARGUE WITH THE REFEREE (they won’t change their mind).
  • Never use foul or abusive language – this means swearing.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Have an open mind to learn. The outcome of a game yields winners and learners. The only loser is the person who learnt nothing.
  • While coaching/managering, on or off the field, at training or a game, remember –
    • No foul or abusive language – this means swearing.
    • No smoking
    • No alcohol or drugs at any time
    • No spitting
    • No chewing gum.
    • Coaches/Managers/Officals are to work under the guidance of the Whitehill FC Soccer Committee Members
    • Coaches/Managers/Officals are to keep control of their team at all times
    • Coaches/Managers/Officals are not to question the calls of the Match Officials in an improper manner.

No-one likes to lose but if your team did their best then be proud of yourself for them.

Breaches of this Code of Behaviour may result in disciplinary action to being undertaken by the Whitehill FC Management Team in addition to any QCSA discipline action.

The Vested Offical

You may be asked to help out at a game by being the Vested Official (V.O.).

This is a serious role:

The Vested Official is identified by wearing the orange vest, and is the person responsible to control the crowd.

There must be one official from each team wearing the Vest at every match

The V.O. should not be involved with the running of the team.

The V.O. must sign the Match Card to indicate to the QCSA who they are.

The Coach, Manager and Vested Official are responsible for ensuring that every player in their team has their I.D. card presented prior to the match and that these cards are kept safely.

The Coach, Manager and Vested Official should introduce themselves to the referee and the visiting team.

The V.O. is to observe the game from where the majority of spectators are, not on their own and not from within the coaches area.

If people are breaking the Smoking, Alcohol or other rules, the V.O. is the first person to try to deal with them. If required the V.O. at home games can call on the ground official to help (this person will have a green vest).

During the game, the V.O. has a responsibility to the referee to assist in the control of the match and in particular to maintain appropriate standards of behaviour by their team’s spectators.

If the referee requests specific assistance, support or information, the V.O. must be seen to be supporting them.

Order and discipline by players is encouraged when the club officials (Coaches, Managers and V.O.) set the standard of behaviour at games.

V.O.s are responsible for controlling all spectators at a game. It is expected that both V.O.s will work together to achieve this (i.e. if the other team is having problems with their spectators you are expected to try to help their V.O out). If required the V.O. can call on club officials to help.

QCSA Social Networking Policy

The Queensland Christian Soccer Association Inc. (QCSA) understands that some member clubs and their families, friends, players and parents may participate in social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) ,chat rooms and create and maintain personal websites, including blogs.  QCSA respects the rights of all persons associated within our membership with regards to online social networking and personal Internet use, however, your online presence can affect QCSA when your words, images, posts, and comments can be attributed to our Association. As a parent/carer, player, team member, volunteer or club associate, everyone should be mindful of using electronic media, even on your own personal time, responsibly and respectfully to others. 

Online comments and postings may impact the QCSA, Member Clubs and/or affiliated Associations (ie: QCSRA, SCCSA). QCSA has adopted the following guidelines that all Member Clubs and their members, volunteers, parents, players and other associated parties must observe when participating in social networking sites and/or engaging in other forms of Internet use that could be linked to the Association, member clubs or affiliates.

It shall be considered a breach of acceptable policy for any person to post on any public or private website or other forum, including but not limited to discussion lists, newsgroups, list serves, blogs, information sharing sites, social media sites, social or business networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or MySpace, chat rooms, telephone based group communications such as Twitter, or any other electronic or print communication format, any of the following:

(1)  Anything that may harm the goodwill or reputation of the QCSA or any disparaging information about the QCSA.

(2)  Any disparaging, discriminatory or harassing information concerning any Member Club, player, parent, volunteer, family member or any other person associated with QCSA including affiliates. The Queensland Christian Soccer Association Inc.’s policies prohibiting harassment apply online as well as offline.

(3)  Any confidential information, trade secrets, or intellectual property of QCSA obtained during your time with our association. This includes information relating to finances, research, development, marketing, member clubs, operational methods, plans and policies.

(4)  Any private information relating to a member club or any player, parent, volunteer, family member or other person associated with QCSA and affiliates.

This policy applies regardless of where or when things are posted and includes any communicative information seen online. QCSA reserves the right to monitor and access any information or data that is created or stored by mediums used by the QCSA as agreed to by the management from time to time. All technology, equipment or electronic systems, including without limitation, e-mails, internet usage, hard drives and other stored, transmitted or received information is included in this policy.

No person should have any expectation of privacy in any information or data:

  1. (i)placed on any QCSA computer or computer-related system or
  2. (ii)viewed, created, sent, received or stored on any QCSA computer or computer-related system, including, without limitation, electronic communications, emails or internet usage.

Member Clubs have a responsibility to ensure that all their members, volunteers, parents, players and other associated parties are aware of the QCSA Social Media Policy and in its basic form, ensure that it is followed where possible.

All postings believed to be detrimental to the Association will be asked to be removed within 48 hours of notification. Breaches of this policy will be dealt with by the QCSA Standing Committee of Management in all cases through the normal discipline process of the Association.

If you wish to make a complaint about a breach of policy within the control of the QCSA, this may be done via written correspondence (letter or email) through your Club Secretary or management personnel addressed to the Secretary of the QCSA.