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Whitehill FC COVID-19 Update

Hello WhitehillFC Family and Friends,

We hope that you and your family are managing through this exceptionally difficult situation from a faith, family, health and financial perspective.
We have received some information from the QCSA about the possible re-start of the 2020 season. The reason I say 'possible' is because as you know, these days things can change pretty quickly. The QCSA are looking at starting the season on the 11th July and as such, WFC will look at re-starting training some time after the 13th June. QCSA have informed us that there will be no finals this year, and the season will finish around the 12th September.
Both training and game days will look very different when we re-start this season, as there will be a number of guidelines that everyone including players, coaches, parents/guardians, and spectators will need to follow. We will need everyone to work with us and help ensure these guidelines are followed.

Our Directors and Treasurer are currently looking at an amended fee structure for this season as well, based on teams playing around 10 games (as per QCSA advice), meaning that those of you who have already paid your fees in full will receive a partial refund. More information about our amended fees will be sent out shortly.
As a club we have always tried to listen to our members' views, and to communicate in an honest and open way. Now is a time we need to hear from you about what you want. The club is keen to re-start the season but will only do so if that is what our members want. We understand that some of you have gone through a lot over this time and may just need a rest both mentally and financially, while some of you are looking forward to getting out and back on the pitch.
Can you please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an email if you are thinking of not playing this season. If you are looking at still playing we don’t require an email, but if you have any questions/thoughts please send this to us. We just need this information by Monday 25th May, so please respond ASAP .
The health and wellbeing of our Whitehill FC families continues to be our priority and that of the QCSA.
Tony Damrow
President - Whitehill Football Club
Mobile - 0408314987

For more information about returning to play for clubs and organisations visit www.covid19.qld.gov.au/returntoplay